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Visyon is a charity passionately committed to improving young people’s emotional well-being to enable them to live happier, more fulfilling lives, to build stronger relationships and to be able to cope with life’s stresses. It provides high-quality, professional services in a way that suits the young people themselves.


Based in Congleton, Cheshire, our aims are:

  • the preservation and protection of good health and in particular good mental health of young people, children and adults
  • the advancement of education for the public so as to increase their awareness of mental health and the associated issues and related problems;
  • to relieve hardship, sickness and distress arising there from.


History of Visyon

In 1994 following the experiences of the families of three young people, who committed suicide in Congleton. It was the feeling of hopelessness and despair felt by the parents of one of the young people after she died that led them to contact others who had an interest in young people’s mental health. The desperate actions taken by the young people could have been avoided if focused and specialist support for young people had been more readily available. A group of local people got together, comprising and consulting with many professionals who all agreed that a readily accessible support service was needed for young people.
After several meetings a core of people emerged who formed the first management committee and Visyon was born.

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