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The Visyon 28 in 28 challenge

Could you do "28" in 28 days this February?

Take on the #Visyon28in28 challenge and help support children with mental health issues in Cheshire and Staffordshire Moorlands this spring.

why should I get involved?

By the end of 2021, Visyon will have been supporting children across Cheshire and Staffordshire for 28 years! In that time we’ve helped thousands of children, young people and their families manage their mental health issues and improve their emotional wellbeing.

The pandemic and lockdowns over the past year have led to many more young people struggling with their mental health.  With your help and by taking on and fundraising for #Visyon28in28, we can be here to help even more children in 2021.

How to take part

It couldn't be easier to join us and take on your very own #Visyon28in28.


Step 1:

Get your thinking cap on and set yourself a challenge based around the number 28 (whether that's the number of times you do something, the distance you cover, OR the number of hours or days you set yourself to complete your challenge in!).

Step 2:

Set up your JustGiving or Enthuse page to help you fundraise.

Step 3:

Shout about it! Share your story and JustGiving page on social media along with us with details of your challenge. Don't forget to use the hashtag #Visyon28in28 with your updates! Show the world that #MentalHealthCounts and be a Visyon fundraising hero.

  • Run or cycle 28 miles

  • Walk round your garden/your local streets 28 times

  • Do an exercise workout or yoga every day for 28 days

  • Sing 28 songs in a live karaoke stream

  • Make 28 cakes for family, friends or neighbours

  • Play on your games console for 28 hours straight

28 in 28


Father and Son Baking

We're aiming to raise £2,800 which could fund 8 weeks of 1-1 mental health therapy for 25 children.


But we need you to help us achieve this. Whether its £28 or £280 you raise, your efforts will make a huge difference to the lives of children and young people living in your local community who are struggling to manage their mental health.


So go on, do it for Visyon and take on the #Visyon28in28!