Social Responsibility (SR) is about businesses acting as citizens, behaving responsibly towards their employees, society and the environment. It is a valuable way for businesses to strengthen their company whilst contributing toward society through involvement with a charity.


why visyon?


Visyon is a mental health charity that supports children and young people when they need it most. We provide support to over 1500 children and young people in Cheshire and North Staffordshire every year, offering one-to-one therapy, group work, family support, creative activities, mentoring, teacher training and peer support groups.


Visyon was founded by volunteers in the community 24 years ago in response to a spate of local adolescent suicides. We continue to work closely with the community, delivering support that meets local need, and empowers the public to respond effectively to children and young people’s mental health challenges. We make a significant difference to the lives of the children, young people and families we support. We’ll never be able to prove it, but we’re confident that we save lives. The support that Visyon receives from local businesses is crucial to continue this vital work.




for businesses


Enhanced public image and customer loyalty

  • Your business’ involvement with Visyon’s SR scheme will help you create a positive public image. Consumers are increasingly aware of ethical business practice, and research shows that consumers are more likely to engage with, and remain loyal to, businesses that can demonstrate that they care about local causes.

  • Visyon will promote your business in our marketing, which reaches thousands of local families every year. By aligning your business with such a reputable local charity, you will be making a clear statement about your values, positioning your brand apart from your competitors.


Employee engagement, development and well-being

  • Employees want to work for a business that has positive ethics and a strong public image. Your involvement in Visyon’s SR scheme will help you to create a sense of community in your workforce, as you encourage employees to work together towards a common cause.

  • Businesses that demonstrate ethical commitments to supporting the local community and their workforce find it easier to attract valuable, engaged employees.

  • Involvement in Visyon’s SR scheme will also provide opportunities for workforce development through access to volunteering, training and, in some cases, access to mental health support.

  • Increased conversations around mental health in your workplace will challenge stigma and the barriers that prevent employees from sourcing appropriate support for themselves and/or their children. This will your workforce to lead happier, healthier lives.



  • As part of Visyon’s SR scheme, your business will be thanked regularly with updates on what Visyon is achieving within the community. You will also receive exclusive tickets to Visyon events.


for us



  • Visyon’s SR scheme will help us to maximise the support we can offer by increasing our volunteer engagement. Volunteers are a vital part of Visyon’s work. We couldn’t support the children and young people that we do without them.


Funding and exposure

  • Visyon’s SR scheme will help us to increase awareness of our work locally, engaging the community further in supporting children and young people’s mental health.


Business expertise

  • Visyon’s SR scheme will help us to access commercial expertise through relationships and collaborations with businesses we can trust, and that understand us. This expertise could support community projects, new developments, or research projects which Visyon couldn’t begin without the support of local businesses. By sharing your expertise with Visyon, you will help us to explore ideas, and stay innovative so that we can continue to respond to local need, and provide truly effective support to children, young people and their families. Who knows where these partnerships might lead??



There are 4 Social Responsibility

Partnership levels:

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum


The support you give to Visyon will determine the level of our partnership, and the benefits to your business.


These could include:

  • Feel good factor for you and your colleagues

  • Ethical reputation for your business

  • Staff morale boost for your workforce

  • Exclusive VIP invitations to thank you/networking events

  • A thank you article in our weekly newsletter and a press release about the difference your support has made

  • A personalised thank you certificate to display in your building

  • A thank you and video case study on Visyon’s website

  • A thank you on Visyon’s social media

  • A thank you in Visyon’s Annual Report

  • Tailored staff development opportunities

  • Free Mental Health awareness training for your workforce

  • An advert for your business in the Visyon’s resources, which are downloadable from our website


to find out how your business can get involved in visyon's social responsibility scheme, contact our business development team on 01260 290000,
or email

social responsibility scheme

Fellowship House, Park Road, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1DP

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Visyon is a charity that supports the emotional health

of children, young people and their families.

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