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  • Lee Fullerton

Calling all teens.

Fundraising can be fun, I'm not just saying that either. It's a great excuse to host a football match or do something extreme like bungee jumping. Last year, for example, our finance manager did a sponsored skydive and she loved it. Lucky for you she recorded the entire thing.


You could do something similar, in or out of school and work. As fun as a non-uniform day is, it gets boring... Why not spend your time doing something exciting? And if you can't think of anything then here, have a few ideas: host a football match, host a rugby match, do a run, do a cycle, have a swim, host a cake sale, have a bake off, do a skydive, have a talent show, do a bungee jump, climb a mountain, do anything you can possibly think of!

When you do, be sure to get in touch and take lots of pictures, or record it all like Amanda. We'd love to see what you've done and show you off to everyone we know. Just out of interest though, which would you rather?

For those of you who've been into Visyon, you know what good work we do and how much we try our best to support all the children and young people we can. Now is your chance to help them too.

Sign up to Challenge Champions to see where you place on our leaderboard before the end of February 2018. Good luck.

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