• Jamie Neville

Jamie's top 5 self care ideas

If you show some kindness and affection to only one person today let it be yourself. Here are my top 5 self care ideas for a calmer, more loving relationship with yourself.

1. Have a bath

Lock the door, get the candles on, smash some fancy bath bomb stuff if the vibe takes you… don’t worry about the people you’re ignoring while you’re in there, no offence but anyone (kids, friends, phone, partner, parents) can survive an hour without your attention. Feel the warmth of the water on your skin and listen to the noises it makes and how they sound against the echoing silence of the bathroom. 2. Read

Books are alternate realities and that’s why people love them. Take a break from your world for just 20 minutes a day to remind yourself that there are infinite possibilities and that the world is a wider place than your daily stresses would have you believe.

3. Meditate

I took a mindfulness course at the Buddhist Centre in Manchester and it changed my life by teaching me how to accept m