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  • Lee Fullerton

Yannick & Fares

For the past two weeks, Visyon has had two German students over for work experience. We asked them to write a bit about their time here and what they’ve been up to. Here is what they said.


We finished our work experience abroad for 2 weeks in England with Visyon. On our first day we were welcomed by Sandi, who showed us the building, introduced us to her collegues and told us about the history of Visyon and what exactly they are doing.

During the two weeks our main task was to re-design the logo and the menu of the Headspace Cafe. At the same time, we also finished a couple of other tasks, for example we designed new ID Badges that are going to be used in the future, designed new appointment cards, and different information posters.

We gathered different ideas and sketches for the re-design and digitalised those. We presented our first finished ideas during a meeting with Sandi and Lee. We combined different elements from our ideas and so developed the logo further. During that process we had several little meetings with Sandi and Lee until we designed the final logo. It was the same process for the design of the menu.

During our internship we had a lot of experiences, improved our skills and took a lot of useful things from our time. We had a lot of fun during our time at Visyon, everybody was very nice and helpful towards us.

Thank you for all those great experiences and the fun time!

Fares & Yannick


Well guys, we enjoyed having you with us and we wish you all the best with both of your futures! We hope you keep in touch and we hope that you enjoyed your time with us!

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