• Beverley Goodwin

Success in Schools!

Visyon have been helping teachers to better support their students for nearly 2 years now through our Tools for Schools project and the work we have been doing over the past year for phase two has been an incredible success!

We have supported 98% of schools in Cheshire East to date, with over 4000 teachers attending our training. We've also supported roughly 600 young people directly with their mental wellbeing. This is an incredible achievement in itself, but the feedback we received from our Resilient Classroom intervention and our Cool Connections intervention within schools is even more encouraging.

Resilient Classroom:

93% said it helped them feel better about themselves.

93% said it had helped improve their confidence.

89% saw an improvement in dealing with worries.

Cool Connections:

97% said it helped them feel better about themselves.

94% said it had helped improve their confidence.

85% improvement in dealing with worries.

Because of this amazing feedback and our huge coverage across Cheshire East, we're really looking forward to phase 3, under the new name: Visyon Education Team, where our aim is to help schoolsfurther embed the public health prevention model of a 'mentally well organisation'.

We plan to build on our achievements by testing Evidence Based Programs in school, such as: Kiva, Friends Resilience, Easy Peasy and Incredible Years Classroom Management Program. There's lots to look forwards to! Check out the schools section of our website for more information: Click here.

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