• Gaby Pickin

High School: Anxiety and Stress

The High School Experience

Primary school to high school:

The jump from primary school to high school can seem massive, but after the first week or so the atmosphere and schedule feel natural and comfortable. You adjust really quickly and, for the most part, will find ways to enjoy your high school experience.

However, there are parts of high school that are bound to cause stress and anxiety. Internal exams, like end of term or end of year exams, can seem like the be-all or end-all of your high school career, but trust me: they’re not. These exams are often simply used to assess your progress and see if there is any more support that teachers need to offer, so don’t put too much unhealthy pressure on yourself to get perfect grades if it’s causing anxiety.

Managing stress within school:

I’ll give the obvious bit of advice first: stay on top of homework. This is a key cause of stress in school because when you let homework pile up everything seems to spiral out of control. Most people would rather do anything else besides homework, but doing it the afternoon you get it frees up a lot of time later on and ensures you don’t have a last-minute panic about the fact that you have 5 hours’ worth of homework due in for the next day.<