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  • Lee Fullerton

My 5 best ways to relax

Sometimes you just need 5 minutes to relax, from school, work or even the folks at home. Here are my 5 best ways to relax, they may not be the best for you, but some might be worth a try.

Go for a walk.

1. Go for a walk.

Getting out of the house might be all you need to relax, going for a short walk can help you clear your head and the exercise can’t hurt! Just don’t walk too far and get lost, that’ll add to your stress and you’ll need to relax even more.

2. Eat some chocolate.

I don’t think there is a single problem on earth that chocolate can’t solve. Forgotten someone’s birthday? Chocolate. Had an argument? Chocolate. Need to relax? Chocolate! Just a small amount is enough to calm you down and settle your nerves, but if you have a bar it would be a shame to let it go to waste.

3. Have a nap.

The human equivalent of turning it off and on again. A quick sleep for about 10 or 20 minutes is enough to give you a bit of a boost when you wake up, so you feel fresh, ready to go and fully relaxed.

4. Grab a stress ball.

If it’s someone in particular making you feel stressed and like you need to relax a bit, a stress ball might just be the best thing for you. A non-violent way to let off a bit of steam and relieve some tension. Plus you can get some pretty cool stress balls.

5. Stroke your pet.

Whatever animal it is, big or small, your pet will never let you down like a person might. Give them a bit of a cuddle just to calm you down a little. You might get slobbered on a little but it’s worth it for the big soft hug.


I hope some of these help, and I’m by no means suggesting that you should go and buy enough chocolate to last a lifetime, or that you nap for three quarters of the day. But these are the things that help me.

What helps you guys? I’m curious to know?


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