One of the most underrated things in the entire world is how truly difficult a job it is to be a parent. We're constantly hearing about the multitude of ways in which the world we live and raise our children in affects their development, but rarely do you find a place of support, safety and non-judgement for those individuals and couples who have taken on the most difficult task of their life. We offer Open Access sessions to both parents and young people where you can talk to staff members and get advice on what to do next and what services we provide for both you and your children! Find out more about how you can get support by clicking the button below.

As a parent, it can be good to get advice from other parents to see what challenges they are facing and how they have dealt with situations in the past and that's where Parent Empower Hour comes in!

The purpose of these hour-long group sessions (which will include tea and biscuits of course!) is to be the catalyst of conversations and support networks between parents whose children are experiencing emotional difficulties. This will probably include sharing stories, advice and knowledge but may just be a safe space to know that you're not the only one.

Call us on 01260 290000 for more information and to sign up to the group!



Attending the PEH Group and sharing with others, gives me the hope and strength to carry on doing what sometimes feels the hardest job in the world... Parenting.


In PEH we are able to share our experiences and challenges in the knowledge that there will be understanding, support and advice within the group.


PEH has helped me to challenge my own beliefs about parenting, increase my knowledge and skills, enabling me to support my daughter.


PEH has taught me the value of listening and reflection and consequently greatly improved my relationship with my daughter.