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proxies: appointment and voting

Any member is entitled to appoint another person as a proxy to exercise all or any of the member's rights to attend, to speak and to vote at a general meeting of the charity.

I, being a member/members of the above-named company, herby appoint


or failing him/her/them appoint


as my/our proxy to vote in my name and on my behalf at the Annual General Meeting of Visyon to be held on the 20th September 2023, and at any adjournment thereof.

This form is to be used in respect of the resolutions mentioned below as follows:​

Agenda item: Minutes of last AGM

Agenda item: Appointment of Trustees

Agenda item: Appointment of Auditors

Re-election of Trustee: Jonathan Clay
Re-election of Trustee: Helen Butters
Appointment of Trustee: Lisa Cormack
Appointment of Trustee: Hammond McNulty

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