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The best way for you to get support is to call our friendly Initial Contact Team on 01260 290000.

They are available at the following times...

Monday to Thursday - 9am-5pm

Friday - 9am-1pm

You don't need a referral from a GP or your school, you or your parent can call us directly to discuss your concerns and the support we offer you is completely free of charge.


During the call we will ask a few questions and tell you about what Visyon has to offer. Whatever you share with us we will listen, you are not alone with how you are feeling. We'll help you to decide what happens next on your journey into feeling more in control of your mental health again. You have already made the brave step of seeking out support and we'll help you with the next step!


If you need immediate support and Visyon is closed please contact:

Cheshire Mental Health Crisis Line on 0800 145 6485

The Staffordshire Crisis Team on 0300 123 0907



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