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  • Lee Fullerton



As lockdown is slowly lifting we want to reflect on what it means for our communities. Slowing we are seeing schools and businesses re-open, we are being allowed to meet up with more people and engage in outdoor sports. But it still feels like there is some uncertainty about what this ‘new normal’ will look like and how long it will last.

It is natural to experience a range of emotions during this period of transition and change. To help us look after our own mental health and those around us we have come up with a list of top tips;

1. Write a list of the fears you have about change.

For each one think about "How likely is this? What will you do if this happens?" .What can you controlled? If you cannot control it can you let it go?

2. Communication is key.

Stay involved and if you can ask questions and find the information about what is going on. Feeling informed can help reduce anxieties and fears.

3. Identify what are the facts and what are the opinions for each worry you may have.

Once we are armed with the facts we can make wiser, more informed choices when faced with change or the unknown.

4. Take a break.

If it all feels big and overwhelming take a break and plan in some self-care activities and rewards to help relax and distract yourself.

5. Take care of yourself.

Take care of yourself during change, by staying on top of your sleeping habits, you will be in a more stable position to cope.

6. Keep active.

If you can, be an active part of the change, being part of something can help to minimise the feeling that something is being done to us.

7. Don't rush.

Take your time adjusting to the change, don't pressure yourself just because someone else seems to be adjusting quickly.

8. It's okay to feel overwhelmed and anxious about change.

Acknowledge, these feelings, if you can accept them you may not need to do anything but if you need to then...

9. Talk to a friend. Talk to a friend or someone you trust about your fear of change. They might be able to offer a different positive perspective on the situation. Sharing our experiences and learning with each other is a great way to journey through change.

10. Appreciate the small things.

And finally appreciate some of the smaller things, a good cup of coffee, the colourful leaves and flowers on the trees, the sun shining through the window. Sometimes simple gratitude can lift our mood.

Take care and remember Visyon is here to help too!


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