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coronavirus self-care

Here at Visyon we recognise that many young people are feeling anxious or uncertain in the current climate of Coronavirus. We wanted to put together a few self-care suggestions to keep you feeling on top of your mental health at a time when it might feel like the world has gone mad!


Limit the News.

Whilst we all want to keep informed of the latest government guidelines at times like these, the chances are that this won’t change every five minutes. If you want to watch the news then why not limit it to the morning headlines and one news programme in the evening? Are you receiving news alerts on your phone or on a watch? Receiving alarmist notifications every five minutes is not conducive to relaxation. Turn it off and take a break.

Get Fresh Air.

It’s no secret that getting outdoors is great for wellbeing. Immersing ourselves in nature is proven to make us feel more relaxed, improves our energy level, tops up our vitamin D and boosts our mood. If you are feeling isolated why not go on a bike ride or a walk.

Be Creative.

If you are stuck at home but feeling fine, it’s the perfect time to get creative. Is there something arty that you’ve always wanted to try? Crack open the paints, grab your pencils and spend some time getting imaginative. It’s calming, it’ll make you feel great and you’ll have something original to show for it at the end.

Talk about Other Things.

Does it feel like the whole world is talking about Covid-19? Try to make a conscious effort to discuss other things. Ask friends how they are, plan some exciting trips out for the future, or talk about a book you’ve just read. Did you know that you can currently tour loads of museums online from your computer?


If the world feels overwhelming how about paying more attention to the present moment? When you practice mindfulness you listen to your own thoughts and feelings and the world around you. Mindfulness has been shown to really improve your mental wellbeing.


Most importantly, if you feel like you are struggling talk to those around you. The chances are they will know exactly how you feel and will be able to share their own ideas at how to take care during a difficult time.

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